Ongoing Service Opportunities at St. Rose Community Church

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For explanations of each area of service and contact emails for each service coordinator see below.
AWANA Community Kids Ministry

Every Wednesday at 6:30 pm in the weeks that school is in session, we have over 40 kids at our church for an hour of Bible study, games, and Scripture memory. This ministry is so very needed in our community and there is a great need for more volunteers in this ministry.

If you are able to serve in AWANA starting in August contact Hope Rodgers at

Every Sunday we provide child care for babies through 4 yrs old. This is an essential ministry to the families of the St. Rose Community. Volunteers serve in the nursery during the Sunday morning service once every 6 weeks but as the number of volunteers increase the number of weeks between service days increase as well. We ask that every able church member join this rotation if possible.

For more information contact Hope Rodgers at
Cleaning Rotation

Volunteer teams of 2 or 3 typically clean the church about once every 3 months. Lists of cleaning responsibilities are hung in the Sanctuary and in the education building. We ask that every able church member join this rotation if possible as it relieves the burden on the whole congregation.

For more information contact Anne Marie Langley at
Grass Cutting Rotation

We have 3 acres of grass at the church that requires cutting every week. We have two riding mowers and a weed eater. On this rotation, volunteers typically cut the grass in teams of 2 once a month during summer months.

For more information contact Jim Smith at
Tech Ministry

Every week tech savvy people arrive to the church at 8:30 AM to run the sound board and computer for the worship team as they practice. These volunteers also insert all of the Scriptures for that mornings sermon into the computer as well as all the song lyrics. They also run the computer during the worship service, record the sermon, and upload it following the service.

For more information on joining this team of people contact Fernando Paz at
Welcome Team

Every Sunday morning visitors will arrive at St. Rose Community Church hoping to be welcomed by smiling faces. The welcome team meets every Sunday morning at 9:30 AM for a brief time of prayer. They refill all the visitor cards and offering envelopes throughout the sanctuary, make the coffee for that morning, and then welcome visitors. For more information contact Drew O'Neil at  
Worship Team

Musical Worship is a unique area of service in the local church for several reasons. 1) It requires a special gifting of musical talent 2) It requires a spiritual qualification of being above reproach as it is a ministry that puts you in front of the congregation as a role model. Not everyone is called or equipped to be a part of this ministry team but some are.

For a list of requirements and responsibilities for helping lead corporate worship contact Drew O'Neal at
Security and Ushers Team

Security threats are common in churches around our country. We want to make sure that we have people in place that no what to do in the case of an emergency.

If you are interested in joining this ministry team please contact Billy Booth at
Student Ministry

Student ministry is a disciple-making ministry. Hundreds of teenagers live within a couple miles of our church. They need mentors. They need people who will commit to loving them, supporting them, and discipling them into a relationship with Jesus Christ. Students meet every Wednesday at 6:30 pm for Bible Study and various other times for fellowship and out reach.

If you are interested in evangelizing and discipling students contact Alexander Primeaux at
Host a Community Group

Every Fall and Spring we have a new semester of small group Bible studies that meet in homes in strategic areas of the parish so that people can have Bible-centered community in their neighborhoods.

If you would like to host a small group of people for Bible study in your home for one of our next semesters of Bible Study contact Pastor Brandon at


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